Hello Masters. Have you ever heard of 1 BTC as the reward in World of Masters? We’re sure you did 😁

Welcome to Treasure Hunting, where you can own 1 BTC for yourself. Excited? Here are the rules for you guys 👇

‼️ Collect 4 Treasures that appear as these words: “World”, “Of”, “Masters”, “NFT” to pair and redeem rewards 🤑

🤔 How to receive :
⚡️ Collected through in-game activities
⚡️ There is a rate of getting Words after each battle

🎁 Reward :
⚡️ Match the required word combinations to redeem rewards
⚡️ 1 BTC will be divided equally among players who match all 4 words “World of Masters NFT”

Let’s countdown to the launch date of the most awaited event



Congratulations to all the winners of our events so far. Thank you for your support by joining our Events: Airdrops, Discord, and many more

Please read on and learn how to claim your precious rewards!!!

📚 Instruction:
Please follow a few simple steps below to claim your reward 👇

1️⃣ Step 1: Create an account with an email joined our Airdrop on Marketplace https://marketplace.wofm.io/
2️⃣ Step 2: Connect your wallet
3️⃣ Step 3: “Claim Reward”

For those who win our token $WOFM, then the expected opening date of the $WOFM claim function is 30th June

NFT Box will be distributed on 10th June before Open Beta

The voucher will be sent by email on the 9th of June

Mainnet slots are converted into 15% discount on the Vouchers to buy NFT Box



World of Masters

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