A Whole World of Game Modes

With a full-fledged team of Heroes, you can do whatever you want in World of Master. And that includes: Going on an adventure, doing some bounty hunts, crawling dungeons, competing in arenas, and fighting bosses. This article will briefly cover each of them to give you the best general idea!

Adventure Mode

​As the name implies, Adventure Mode marks your adventure as you travel around the World of Master to reveal the mystery behind the ancient clash between the Gods. You will meet many interesting Heroes and possibly, recruit them on your way. In addition, you can accept NPCs’ requests on your path, listen to their stories, and make it through every challenge.

You can command your Heroes to overcome many map challenges (and collect rewards) in the game: Monsters — Bosses — Hidden Chests — Hidden Quests.

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is the feature that will earn players the most Tokens. Players will need to assign the NFT Heroes to bounty missions on the board with various requirements. Upon completing a task, players will receive Token rewards, with higher-level & higher-quality NFT Heroes netting more Tokens.

There will be three quests that you can take on the board. For each task, players can send up to 2 random NFT Heroes. After the predetermined time (1 hour), players won’t earn further rewards.

PvE — Dungeon

The World of Master is vast, with hundreds of challenges waiting for players to discover. In the PvE mode, players can slowly uncover the story and progress to become the ultimate Master.

Players can enter the Dungeon once per day. Each Dungeon will contain two floors, with bosses guarding at the end. Defeating the 1st-floor boss will allow players to choose Easy/Hard difficulty for the 2nd-floor. Killing monsters and bosses will reward players with bonus chests! If you ever find yourself in a tough spot, Top players’ NFT Heroes can also lend you a hand and support you during combat.

PvP — Arena Ranking

The ultimate showdown for serious Masters! Join the Arena and compete for the highest rank if you are up to the challenge.

There are 12 different Tiers, with each tier having 100 ranks, and the top tier will only have ten ranks for the most elite players. Players can challenge high-ranking opponents; if they win, they get to take the opponent’s ranking position; otherwise, their ranks stay unchanged when losing.

Every day there will be five free challenges, with an option to buy more with Gold. In addition, there will be a special Ranked Season with a designated time and great rewards.

Boss Battle

In the World of Master, there are 3 Ancient Bosses dominating the universe with terrifying displays of power. Each day, one Ancient Boss will appear on the world map from 05:00 to 21:00. All players can participate in an all-out attack to take down the Boss.

NFT Heroes and Normal Heroes can both participate. Each Hero will only be able to attack the Boss once. The Leaderboard system will record the total damage dealt by the players and reward them in the ranked order. The reward for this game mode includes Gold, Experience, and Soul Stone.

— — — — — — — — — — — —

That is everything we have covered for this issue. And indeed, there will be some parts that you can only understand with the actual gameplay, but we assure you that everything will make sense in the end. So if you have any further questions, be sure to follow us on social media:

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The first Martial Arts Metaverse. Fight. Play. Earn. 👨‍✈️ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/WorldOfMaster 🌐 Website: http://wofm.io/

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World of Masters

The first Martial Arts Metaverse. Fight. Play. Earn. 👨‍✈️ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/WorldOfMaster 🌐 Website: http://wofm.io/

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