Exploring Play to Earn & Free to Play: All you need to know

“Free to Play” and “Play to Earn” are among the hottest terms to emerge recently in the crypto space. As GameFi starts to make waves across the globe, more and more crypto enthusiasts are now paying attention to this new sensation. So if you are an aspiring investor like them, look no further! Here’s a quick guide detailing everything you need to know about Free to Play and Play to Earn games.

Play to Earn

As titles like Axie Infinity and Decentraland blow up, we seemingly see a revolution that combines gaming and the blockchain into what many have always dreamed of: making money from video games. Just by playing blockchain games, people can suddenly make a living for themselves. With game rewards bringing in the money needed for daily expenses and more, everyone is paying more and more attention to “Play to Earn.”

Most of these games feature a native token. This token is used for in-game purchases and trading NFT items between players. As the token circulates, people will keep using it to complement the gameplay and, in turn, attract new players. This cycle helps the token grow in value, bringing profit to those who can cash out however much they’ve made by playing.

For example, let’s look at the case of Axie Infinity: after paying a large amount of money to “buy into” the game, players can then farm for ingame digital assets in the form of NFTs, then trade them away for other players, earning a profit and injecting value into the game’s economy.

This model relies on the game’s success — as Axie Infinity grows enormous in size, so does its token price skyrocket, gaining around 180 times its original value. This success consequentially depends on players investing their time and resources. Naturally, those who spend more time farming NFT items and other valuable assets will make more money than others from Play to Earn games.

Another factor that decides players’ profit is how easy one can make money in the game. Unfortunately, many P2E games only feature merely one or two ways to earn, and these are often competitive — to make a profit for yourself, you have to win against other players. This model might be an unfavorable approach for some people since not everyone can devote a tremendous amount of time to learning a game inside out and becoming a veteran player who can beat opponents left and right.

World of Masters, however, addresses this issue by having various ways to earn just by playing the game. Navigating the world map, which you do naturally, gives you a chance to defeat enemies and open chests for upgrade material and digital assets: legendary heroes we all know and love from the Jin Yong wuxia universe. Finishing bounty hunting quests, which reset every day, also grant you tokens as rewards. Other methods include trading NFTs in the Marketplace or joining seasonal events implemented throughout the year.

Free to Play

Some Play-to-Earn games are not actually free. A truly free-to-play game means that there is no entry cost implemented. Players can start playing that game as soon as they visit its website or download the launcher: they will not have to pay upfront for any extra requirements before diving into the game universe.

In contrast, just look at Axie Infinity: though you do have the chance to earn by playing, the entry barrier is quite challenging to cross. You have to spend money and get 3 Axies before you can begin playing. These Axies can cost as much as $100 in total — a considerable investment for many people.

World of Masters disagrees with this approach. We think that an excellent game should be made accessible to as many people as possible: anyone should be able to enjoy quality NFT games. It’s better to have more players because we want to recreate epic, lively battles in the game and instill a friendly sense of competition. More players also mean YOU can earn more: we have a win-win situation.

Free players can experience most of the main features implemented in World of Masters, except for only one. The only difference is free-to-play players will not receive the bonus tokens available separate from regular rewards when completing bounty missions, quests, or opening chests. This modest amount will help you boost your gameplay and earnings, but not necessary to make a difference among free players.

Interested in our upcoming Play-to-Earn sensation? Visit this article and find out how we revolutionize P2E.

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