Tokenomics and Token Utility

There is a clear advantage regarding World of Masters’ tokenomics compared to other projects within the industry: Our original game — Tan Minh Chu — has already acquired a healthy number of active users. Combined with a proper token earning-burning mechanism, World of Masters promotes extreme balance in price volatility and brings absolute fairness to every player.

This article will go over the tokenomics of World of Masters and describe the utilities $WOFM provides for the ecosystem.


The primary in-game currency for World of Masters is called $WOFM. In addition to $WOFM, there is also a secondary in-game currency known as Gold. But for most activities surrounding earning and NFT trading, we will focus on $WOFM for now.

Ticker: $WOFM

Name: WOFM

Total Supply:

Network: BSC

$WOFM is a BEP-20 cryptographic token traded on the Binance Smart Chain (now BNB Smart Chain) platform. It functions as both a World of Master platform currency and an independent store of value. Using WOFM for transactions allows us to lower costs on transaction fees, keeping them at the bare minimum.

Token Utilities

Token utilities are the ultimate factors determining the fate of an NFT video game. We have seen countless NFT projects appear over this year and during the Bitcoin rally last year. So what’s one thing in common for all these games? An unstable internal economy leads to unnecessary losses for gamers who invested in the game.

Practical utilities

We have seriously considered what should make it to the game and whatnot with the above reasons. Therefore, we have condensed the most practical use cases for a video game token: $WOFM is used to buy NFTs, trade on the Marketplace, be staked for passive income, auction NFT minting items, and purchase tournament entrance tickets.

Separated groups of players

Furthermore, World of Masters has also separated the user base into two groups based on monetization: Free-to-play and Pay-to-win players. For that reason, $WOFM is the primary channel for pay-to-win users to input their capital into the game. As a result, you won’t need to use your bank-issued credit cards directly and instead top up $WOFM through digital crypto wallets.


On the other hand, free users still have access to most game features, excluding the earning aspect. Still, the borderline between the two groups is incredibly thin. Free-to-play players have the incentive to convert their rare loot into NFTs and sell them for massive profits at any time.

— — — — — — — — — — — —

Nailing Tokenomics is hard. Sustaining them in real-time is even more challenging. But we are clear on what our objectives for World of Masters are. We do not want to shoot our token price “to the moon” but rather sustain them so new players won’t join in the game and see their balance quickly disappear over one night.

Join our community, and help World of Masters reach the final destination!

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